Client Testimonials for Young, Marr & Associates


“Paul, I want to thank you and Paul (Lang) for helping me so much. I went to another lawyer who incorrectly told me I would have to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. You provided me with correct information and saved me a great deal of money. Both you and Paul were straight shooters and I have already referred a coworker.” Phyliss H.


“I filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy with Mr. Young in 1988 and thereafter have had three family members file through Mr. Young’s office. All of those people were happy with his services, and I have recommended numerous other friends. While bankruptcy is not something anyone ever wants to have to do, if you do have to file, you should receive professional advice that is presented in a compassionate, not judgmental, fashion. If you are ever considering bankruptcy, you would be doing a disservice if you did not first speak with Paul Young or Young, Marr & Associates.” Anonymous


“I had a Judgment served against me, and my bank account was frozen. I called other attorneys none of which would take my case, since I did not have enough up front money to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, when I explained to Mr. Young that my money was frozen and that I would find a way to pay, he was very understanding and worked out satisfactory payment options with me which were extremely reasonable. Since that time, I have successfully completed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and I truly do not know how I would have been able to manage at that time without the understanding of Paul Young, and his firm. “T. Vu


“I contacted Paul Young at Young, Marr & Associates first to consider a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Luckily, my mortgage situation was resolved, and therefore, it was not necessary that I use his services for that matter. However, I continued to contact Paul and decided that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy would make sense for both my wife and me. Not only did Paul and his staff answer our questions, but they continually took our phone calls and made us feel so relaxed about the process. I know that both my wife and I drove you nuts with our frequent calls and questions, but they were truly compassionate, understanding people, and I truly believe we would not have made it through the process without them. Thanks again from your favorite clients.” Don and Arlene C.


“We filed a bankruptcy through Young, Marr & Associates and unfortunately, due to illness, it was necessary that we not complete our filing, and the bankruptcy matter fell through. At a later date, my wife went back to work, and it was then possible for us to once again file, at which time Ellis Klein, Esquire was extremely helpful and explained to us how refilling would be in our best interest. We completed the Plan, and we got back on track. Thanks Ellis Klein and the other members of Young, Marr & Associates.” Tom S.


“I met with Paul Lang, Esquire about both my and my daughter’s financial difficulties. After discussing all the options, it was determined that it made sense for both of us to file bankruptcy, and Paul was there each step of the way. He was understanding and informed us without scaring us of all of our options. Besides that, he was extremely charming and cute.” Melinda R.


“I had a very complex bankruptcy matter involving both numerous businesses, pieces of real estate, and personal items. I met with Paul Young, Esquire on over three separate occasions and he was professional and candid in his advice. I had met with two other attorneys prior to Mr. Young, neither of which possessed his knowledge and neither of which were as patient and thorough. He helped sort through my legal abyss and helped make all the right decisions to get out of my financial bind.” Tom M.


“My mother was in over her head in credit card debt, and I had spoken to a few different lawyers who all wanted an exorbitant amount of money to represent my mother. When I spoke to Paul Young, Esquire, he understood that my mother was on a fixed income and worked out payment arrangements which made it possible for my Mom to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. My mother was terrified of the process, but after speaking to Paul, she felt totally relieved. After the hearing in which Steve DeMaio, Esquire attended, my Mom was fully relaxed and was no longer being harassed by the creditors. I really believed that it saved my Mom’s life. Thank you.” Marissa M.


“When we came to see Gail Marr, Esquire, we were behind on our mortgage and car, and really wondered if we would be able to dig ourselves out. However, Gail was totally patient and understanding and that made us feel more relaxed, and we were able to successfully complete a Chapter 13 Plan. We are now 5 years removed from bankruptcy, and it was the best thing that we had ever decided to do.” Tina and Bill W.


“I called your firm believing that bankruptcy would not help my situation. However, after I spoke with Ellis Klein, Esquire, he made me feel much better, and I fully appreciated his professionalism and compassion throughout the process. Since I filed, I have now gotten my life and spending under control.” Robin S.


“Paul, you were so understanding and sympathetic, I truly felt like you understood where I was coming from. I was terrified and thought I would never be able to make it through, but you changed my opinion of attorneys, and I would highly recommend you to anyone who is in need of financial help.” Tracy K.


“I never thought that I would have to file bankruptcy, but Mr. Young and the firm made the process much less painful. I hope that I never need their assistance, but if I do, I would highly recommend them.” George C.