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Attorney Paul Young

Attorney Paul Young, Esq

Attorney Paul Young, Esq

Interviewer: For people who have read this bankruptcy guide and they’re convinced they should come and see you for an initial consultation, what’s the best way to get a hold of you?

Paul: I always feel like the best way is to call, simply because, as much as I also communicate quite a bit through email. Usually, I find that with the best intentions, one question leads to another and by doing it via email, oftentimes we can’t cover everything, even when people try to give me a general description of their situation. So, the best form of communication, still, when it comes to speaking to someone about a bankruptcy is usually talking with me and then possibly meeting.

They certainly can email me with a brief description of their situation. I can certainly provide them as much information as I can, based on what they provided. Ultimately, I think the best way is to speak first so that even if we’re going to set up a consultation, it’s a situation where I can tell them what documents we might need. It gives them, also, some food for thought, for purposes of planning and sometimes it’ll cause the person to take a hard look at their situation and maybe recognize, “You know what? I think it is appropriate for me,” when they didn’t before.